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Alpha Male II

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Ways To Convey Value
  • Non-Submissive Eye Contact:
    No darting of the eyes when you look at her, no breaking eye contact first.

  • Vocal Projection:
    The loudest guy in a group is usually the most comfortable, unstifled, and highest value.

  • Commanding and Challenging (Breaking Rapport) Tonality:
    Commanding authoritative tonality puts you in the same category as other high value people. It gets her to respond in a qualifying tone, which subconsciously she rationalizes that she must like you because she only talks with people like that if they are high value.

  • Unreactivity:
    Not socially pinging off of the girl. Your state is not dependent on her reaction to you. Be the yacht.

  • Who's Reacting to Who More:
    Who's laughing quicker at the others jokes, who's more into the conversation, who's giving subtle indicators that they like the other. The one reacting more is lower value, similar to...

  • Who's More in Their Head, Who's Not:
    This is the same as above but internally, things like vomiting words gets her trying to piece together the conversation. The more non sequitar, the more she is in her head trying to understand what you are saying, this is why it is so important to...

  • Lead the Conversation:
    You have control of what is being said. I call it channeling the river, steering the conversation in the direction that moves the interaction forward as opposed to just being a little bitch and talking about whatever just so you can keep the conversation alive.

  • Good Body Language:
    When you feel comfortable and confident you are naturally going to take up more space and have good body language, for similar reasons it is important to have a larger...

  • Physical Presence:
    Guys that are alpha just take up more space. You can see in a group the most alpha guy might have 2-3 feet of space between him and the next guy, where as the more stifled insecure person takes up very little space. This is also noticeable in how much physical movement you use, hand gestures and just ease of movement in general.

  • Bringing Your State from Within:
    You aren't relying on anyone or the environment to pump your emotional state, you feel good because of your own awesomeness, and the law of state transfermakes everyone happy around you as well. This relates to...

  • Self Amusement:
    The opposite of self amusement is reaction seeking. Reaction seeking is neediness and a low value trait. Self amusement is purely for your own enjoyment because you don't care about anyone else and just bathe in your own awesomeness, you do not seek reactions to make yourself feel good.

  • Stating Your Opinion:
    A high value person is more likely to state their opinion, purely because it comes from them, as opposed to a low value person who doesn't think anyone cares what they have to say.

  • Statements Not Questions:
    Statements are always more authoritative than questions, and who knows, you might give a cold read that is accurate, you tell her she looks like a nurse and she is, and she'll think it's fate that you two met.

  • Lowering the Bar For What You Talk About:
    Again vomit words. The more bullshit things you say, the more it conveys that you don't care about the interaction, or the girls response to what you say. It shows that you talk to girls like her all the time, or probably have a couple on speed dial.

  • Conveying Intent:
    By showing that you aren't afraid to convey intent, it conveys that you are willing to be vulnerable and put your personality on the line, something only someone with high self esteem would feel comfortable doing.

  • Commanding Attention:
    Don't compromise your value just to keep her talking. If she isn't looking at you, call her out. If she is on her phone, call her out. A high value person assumes that when he is talking people listen. If there is a dissonance, he takes action.

  • Being as Comfortable, or More Comfortable than the Girl:
    No leaning in to hear her, no standing while she is sitting. Get comfortable, relax, she should be excited to talk to someone as cool as you, not the other way around.

  • Entitlement:
    You feel entitled to the girl. You fully assume that she is yours, and you are not emotionally affected by any response she has towards you either positive or negative. The byproduct of this is...